2019 season:LeaderboardEvents:19-May 2-Jun23-Jun 6-Jul 3-Aug14-Sep 5-Oct

2019 season: 3-Aug warm-up classes

1stSheila Hoskins - Aristide150.065.22%
2ndJoanna Heaton - Jamesfield Abercrombie145.563.26%

1stMorag Snow - Indian Way149.567.95%
2ndSheila Hoskins - Aristide144.065.45%
3rdChristina Ellis - Buncom Lubie of Castleside143.565.23%
4thMorag Snow - Lux Like Rockze139.563.41%
5thGill Ashcroft - Starlight134.561.14%
6thJudy Gibson - Mighty Quinn134.060.91%
7thGillian King - Birchcroft Victor134.060.91%
8thDebbie Scobie - Carlung Kinsman133.560.68%
9thPamela Rutherford - Carrie132.560.23%
10thEmma Reid - Madison Avenue128.058.18%
11thClaire Yeaman - Agatha113.051.36%

1stAnnie Ramsay-Stagg - Topenga di Chico Z134.058.26%

1stRebecca Robb - Rockhill Rock and Roll210.065.62%
2ndLiz Cox - Action Zorro205.064.06%
3rdLiz Campbell - Ultimo183.557.34%

1stHelen Brown - Phoebe174.060.00%
2ndKatherine Pier - Monte Bellinis Maverick168.558.10%

2019 season: 3-Aug league classes

1stGillian King - Birchcroft Victor150.565.43%25
2ndSheila Hoskins - Aristide148.064.35%20
3rdJoanna Heaton - Jamesfield Abercrombie144.062.61%16
4thAllyson Black - Delightful Frank144.062.61%13
5thEmma Murray - Just In Time143.062.17%11
6thEmma Reid - Madison Avenue141.061.30%10
7thClaire Yeaman - Agatha131.557.17%9

1stMorag Snow - Indian Way196.075.38%25
2ndMorag Snow - Lux Like Rockze184.570.96%20
3rdSamantha Dupen - Heaven Help Me174.567.12%16
4thJudy Gibson - Mighty Quinn168.064.62%13
5thStephanie Cord - Nala168.064.62%11
6thPauline Dow - Miley162.562.50%10
7thGwen Peddie - Carrhouse Fanfare162.062.31%9
8thChristina Ellis - Buncom Lubie of Castleside159.561.35%8
9thPamela Rutherford - Carrie158.060.77%7
10thJackie Sey - Special K157.560.58%6
11thStephanie Cord - Nux dAmour156.560.19%5
12thLaura Welsh - Rolling Dolly155.559.81%4
13thGill Ashcroft - Starlight151.558.27%3

1stJennifer Adams - Troustrie Minnie Moose133.063.33%25
2ndLiz Cox - Action Zorro129.561.67%20
3rdLaura Welsh - Rolling Dolly117.055.71%16

1stRebecca Robb - Rockhill Rock and Roll216.572.17%25
2ndZoe Penman - Amelio JX209.569.83%20
3rdHelen Brown - Phoebe196.065.33%16
4thLiz Campbell - Ultimo157.052.33%13